Tägliche Archive: 31. Oktober 2013

Land Rights and the Rush for Land

This report synthesises the findings of the global Commercial Pressures on Land research project, coordinated by the Secretariat of the International Land Coalition (ILC) with the support of one of its members, CIRAD, and the collaboration of more than 40 grassroots and civil society organisations, academics, and research institutions from around the world.Twenty-eight case studies, thematic studies, and regional overviews resulting from this project have already been published.1 In addition, this report incorporates the latest data emerging from the ongoing Land Matrix project to monitor large-scale land transactions.

Rome / January 2012 / 84 pages



Hidden Impacts: How Europe’s resource overconsumption promotes global land conflicts

This report examines the inter-linkages between our material use and related land requirements and, through demonstrating this link, highlights the very urgent need to scale down our excessive consumption of this resource in the interests of maintaining the regenerative capacity of the biosphere, as well as conserving resources for future generations.The focus
of this report is on Europe and its role as a major user of global land resources.

Vienna / February 2013 / 40 pages

Glen, Gary & Ross – a film about land grabs

Oxfam International – September 2011 – 3:43

Oxfam has been investigating how land grabs have pushed thousands of people into poverty. For their campaign, Oxfam has produced this video – based on Glengarry Glen Ross, the 1992 film where real-estate salesmen will do anything to make a profit.